The shuttle stores and retrieves palletized goods and products efficiently into a consolidated channel storage system. Inbound or outbound pallets are picked up independently and moved by the shuttle within the channel storage system. The shuttle is a modular system that allows you to individually select necessary components (sensor technology, electronics, controller)  – up to a complete system. Feel free to contact us and we will send you a detailed offer.


  • Flexible: Configure your individual shuttle
  • Throughput through dynamics: extreme speed and acceleration
  • Communication via Bluetooth
  • Applicable in existing storage systems due to the low overall height (e.g. retrofit of channel storage with wired shuttles)
  • Ideal in combination with MIAS stacker cranes

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Dimensions930x1,160x170 mm
Lift time2 s
Lift height50 mm
Designed cycle: Standard cycle for 30 ft channel length:  25 s
Recharging time11 s (after standard cycle)
Payload (max.)1,200 kg
Acceleration unloaded3 m/s²
Speed unloaded1.7 m/s

Operating scope:
Channel storage