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Heavy-duty stacker crane – AS/RS for heavy-duty

Heavy loads: top-class stacker cranes

Heavy and super-heavy loads represent a particular challenge for stacker cranes in terms of materials and design. MIAS stacker cranes have been designed specifically for this application. As well as offering the essential static and dynamic stability, your stacker crane is designed to meet any special requirements you may have, for example those relating to the steel industry or the timber trade. 

Robust and operationally reliable: these characteristics are the hallmarks of MIAS heavy-duty stacker cranes. 


  • Efficient and gentle transport of bulky goods
  • Operationally reliable: safety catches are supplied as standard
  • Possible to have working load of up to 40 tons on one tine
  • Tried and tested: e.g. in operation in India moving 11 tons at 210 m/min

Gentle handling is absolutely essential when it comes to paper rolls. The low level of bowing under load of the telescopic fork is as equally as important as the rigidity of the stacker crane. Even four tons is no challenge.
Installation location: Ulmerfeld-Hausmening, Austria
Special features: two-tine load handling equipment that leaves behind no marks on the paper rolls.

Being able to access individual stacks of wooden panels, necessitated by ever smaller batch sizes, is proving to be particularly advantageous in sections of the timber trade in which wooden panels are produced.
Installation location: Menznau, Switzerland
Special features: multiple-tine load handling attachments for piles that keep their shape.