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Pallet stacker crane – AS/RS for Pallets

Impressive multi-functionality

For more than 50 years, pallets have been the most commonly used auxiliary load carrier in storage logistics. MIAS has worked to ensure safe storage and retrieval of pallets in high rise storage facilities for decades.

The question as to which of our various items of load handling equipment is the most appropriate to use depends on the number of pallets, and where and when they are to be stored. Whether you would prefer one or two items of load handling attachments, or single or double deep, and whether you want conveyor and tilting functionalities or not, the design of the pallet stacker crane is always based on your requirements. 

MIAS speeds up!
When it comes to acceleration, MIAS is overtaking the competition: the new pallet stacker cranes have a maximum acceleration of 3 m/s ² - that’s six times faster than conventional cranes. Due to the upgraded gear drive, you can increase your throughput performance at least 10%.

Another advantage: improved reliability due to the positive power transmission during acceleration and deceleration. This puts less wear and tear on the wheels and rails, and will minimize cost during the operating period.

The first turbo-RS systems are already in operation and have proven to support the "Excellence in Motion" motto of the MIAS Group. With the new high-speed stacker cranes MIAS again demonstrates this motto impressively.


  • Strong: single-mast device with two items of load handling attachments for double-deep storage
  • Fast: rack-and-pinion drive enables acceleration up to 3.0 m/s²
  • Groundbreaking feature: option of storage as many as four levels deep using telescope function

Installation of a Stacker Crane - VIDEO

The stacker crane in the central warehouse of SPAR in St. Pölten in Austria has been in service for 17 years. Now, it was time for a retrofit, a modernization. However, the task was quite difficult: the only possible access was a 3 x 5 m small roof opening. A 500-ton assembly crane with a working height of 145 m was erected in order to move the old stacker crane out of the warehouse from a distance of 120 m and install the new one. A difficult process for all parties involved. Good preparation work was required due to a tight time schedule and many basic conditions had to fit. WITRON mastered the challenge as the general contractor - with MIAS Group as a strong partner.

The Munich public utilities company puts its trust in MIAS stacker cranes including conveyance technology. The narrow aisle requires a driver’s cab on the lifting frame in front of the mast.  
Installation location: Munich, Germany
Special features: transport of pallets and skeleton containers via transport carriage with conveyors on live ring “super low” at a working height of 350 mm.

Even very high loading goods do not rock. Safe transport is assured thanks to our laterally positioned retaining devices. The one-sided liftable conveyor with rubber rollers provides gentle transport when depositing pallets in the flow-through warehouse.
 Installation location: Flums, Switzerland
Special features: a laser distance meter is used for deep measuring of the channels, to check the inventory.