Retrofit Stacker Cranes - AS/RS

Is your storage system showing its age? We are experts in retrofit technology and know-how to optimize your existing system cost effectively.  With modernization by MIAS, your system will be ready for the future. The refitting will be performed in the shortest possible time, and will ensure a smooth transition without significant downtime.


  • Retrofit by experts: As a manufacturer of stacker cranes and load handling devices, we are familiar with your equipment to the smallest detail
  • Upgrade older equipment to the current state of the art, thereby optimizing throughput
  • Ensure availability of spare parts for many more years
  • Minimal downtime during retrofit measures
  • Highest quality standards: We manufacture nearly all the components used in our products ourselves, all other parts are sourced from well-known brand manufacturers


  • AUDI, Baxter, BMW, Daimler, Dr. Oetker, EDEKA, Goldsteig, Hochland, Osram, Reemtsma, Spitz, Viessmann, Yamaha

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Retrofit Stacker Cranes - AS/RS


■ Expert assessment and actual analysis  

■ Preparing a retrofit concept, including optimization potential and an overview of the minimum rehabilitation measures necessary for mechanics, drive and control

■ Replacement / revision of the specified components

■ Re-start (recomissioning) and test runs 

■ Detailed documentation of the performed retrofit work, including spare parts lists

Installation of a stacker crane - VIDEO

The stacker crane in the central warehouse of SPAR in St. Pölten in Austria has been in service for 17 years. Now, it was time for a retrofit, a modernization. However, the task was quite difficult: the only possible access was a 3 x 5 m small roof opening. A 500-ton assembly crane with a working height of 145 m was erected in order to move the old stacker crane out of the warehouse from a distance of 120 m and install the new one. A difficult process for all parties involved. Good preparation work was required due to a tight time schedule and many basic conditions had to fit. WITRON mastered the challenge as the general contractor - with MIAS Group as a strong partner.