Inspections are a matter of trust. With MIAS inspections, your focus is on safety and long term value retention. With this in mind, we check and assess your facility. Based on the inspection results, we will recommend courses of action to you; and you can plan and react to malfunctions in time.  


  • Qualified information about the current facility condition
  • Identification of risks and problems
  • Better planning of maintenance works and cutback of repair costs
  • Predictable costs by means of budgeting
  • Avoid unplanned idle periods and down times through early identification

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MIAS Inspection


Wear inspection

Track rails
Visual checking of the rail for cracks, visual checking of undergrouting, damages of running surface

Wear inspection of stacker crane
Running wheels (wear of wheels), guide rollers, cable pulleys, lifting cable, current collectors

Function check of stacker crane
Lifting unit (motor, gear, brakes), carriage

Visual inspection of stacker crane
Weld seams, safety gear, cable drum

Wear inspection of load handling attachment
Linear guides, chains, chain tensioners, guide rollers, guide rails

Function check of load handling attachment


Checklist of inspection

Recommendation of potential corrective actions