Maintenance avoids breakdowns and prolongs the lifetime of your facility. MIAS offers decades of experience in maintaining its own or third-party systems and knows numerous systems and their characteristics down to the last detail.


  • Replacement of wear parts of the stacker crane in due time increases the operational reliability
  • Defaults and down times can be reduced or avoided
  • Operational costs are minimized
  • Durability of the device will be increased
  • Also combinable with the UVV inspection (Accident Insurance Regulation)

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MIAS Maintenance


Maintenance of stacker crane
■ Inspection
■ Adjustment
■ Function check
■ Determination of the degree of wear
■ Test runs
■ Lubrication of all bearings, guide rollers, steel cables
■ Adjustment of brakes, guide rollers, lifting frame and of switches, if necessary
■ Minor repairs like exchanging carbon brushes, guide rollers, rail sweeps

Maintenance of load handling attachment
■ Lubrication of guides, chains, guide rollers, bearings
■ Adjustment of chain tensioner, tine guidance, drive chain
■ Minor repairs like exchanging several rollers, guide rails, chains

Maintenance of track rail
■ Retightening of bolting
■ Grease removal

Reports (maintenance protocol)

Recommendation of corrective actions

Auxiliary substances and parts/components are not included in the scope of services